Great experience! Staff was great!

Lisa M

Great guy - personable - assuages inherent dentist 'fears', lovely surroundings, fun and help is the same.

Lynne R

I have been going to Dr. Mendoza for 15 years for all my dental needs. He is a kind, calm and patient dentist. You will never leave this office without laughing. I currently live 65 miles from his office now but continue to take the drive as I completely trust his work. You may pay a bit more for his services but you are getting quality care and products. Whenever you have major work to be done he will educate you on the different procedures he could perform and allow you to chose the route you want to take. I highly reccomend Dr. Mendoza for your dental needs.

Kelly C

Delightful! Professional and attentive care.

Steve F

I was very impressed with my whole experience, your selection was excellent and close to my home.

Rick B

For some reason, even though I'm pushing the big 30 I still have baby tooth. Its in the back so nobody notices it, until I start showing it off at parties anyways. There is no adult tooth underneath, and if I lose it, I'll be forced to either have some kind of bridge work done, or get a fake tooth implanted. Neither sound fun, and for some reason I'm kind of fond of my baby tooth, we've been together a long time, so when the dental hygenist (who is actually a dentist herself) told me i had a huge cavity not on the top or even the side of the tooth, but on the bottom along the gum line, I started to get real nervous. Dr. Mendoza checked out the Xrays, confirmed her finding and asked me what I wanted to do. He didnt flinch or fuss when I said "keep it", he just got to work. While he admitted it was a challenge, and at times seemed genuinely perplexed by my freak tooth, he did save it. Apparently baby teeth and adult teeth are different in many ways, including the nerve endings.

Aside from saving my baby tooth, he also cleaned up all the little tiny chips years of extremely agressive childhood teatherball playing had caused. They were tiny and I had really never even noticed them until he pointed them out. I also never wore my retainer, so some of my teeth's former straight glory had been lost. I was nervous when I heard the file, it sounds kind of like a drill, but 10 minutes after he started, he told me he was done, and showed me my newer straighter grin. Since then I've been smiling at everyone, and everything, every single chance I get!

Lilli S

They're good with fearful patients. They're non-judgmental and did not try to get me to do more than what was necessary.

Robin J

This was a great way to find a dentist near me and I really like everyone at my new dental office. Thank you!

Jeremy M

I got my teeth whitened today and it was such an amazing experience! The ENTIRE staff was very kind, friendly and very gentle. It was my first time getting this done and they were particularly cautious of the procedure in case my teeth were too sensitive. Luckily, my teeth took it very well! I got nice results and will be back! Thank you!

Sandy T

I'm a satisfied client of 7 years! Thanks to 1-800-Dentist, they connected me with only The BEST Dentist in Long Beach! Dr. Mendoza is incredibly experienced, uses the newest technology, and really looks out for the best interest of his clients. He keeps an eye on my old fillings, will be proactive when he anticipates a problem, but won't proceed with anything unnecessary. I love his sense of humor, too! He's like the cool uncle you wanna sit by the bar with & share adventure stories! Lol :D
I've had to come in more frequently during my first years due to my bad genes and wear-n-tear, so I quickly got on a 1st name basis with everyone there! April runs the front desk & has to be the one to break down any extra costs. Norma, the assistant, is super nice & nurturing! And there is a new, younger dental hygienist, Kim Ngyuen, who is beyond kind, gentle, yet thorough! They will call to remind/confirm your appointment about a week in advance as well.
As soon as you walk in, you'll get a sense of tranquility with the sounds of mellow music & water fountains flowing through out the place. The zen garden, therapeutic aroma and Eastern decor also really set the mood that there's nothing to be anxious about!
You're in excellent hands at Dr. Mendoza's dentist!!

Lynn O

I just started going to Dr Mendoza. Today he removed an old crown and gave me a temporary. I wasn't looking forward to the experience. But with the calm atmosphere, the headphones with my choice of music and the skill of Norma and Dr Mendoza, I felt well taken care of and at ease.

I am so glad that I found a great dental team!

Vikki P

There are not enough words to describe how amazing Dr. Mendoza is!!! I had a very bad Intermatic experience with Dr. around the corner at American Dental, and Dr. Mendoza corrected everything the other dentist did wrong. Not only was he kind and patient with me, he was also funny and very thorough in his explanation with everything he was doing. He is very knowledgeable and has been working for over 30 years. His office is extraordinary and gorgeous, there is even a Japanese garden that you look onto while having work done!! Prices are very reasonable and staff is so kind and patient!! I've never said this, but I can't wait to be back!

Sandy T

Great office. I like the Zen Garden in the back. The wait was minimal and everyone at the office was very helpful and informational.

Harry H

Dr. Rudy Mendoza is an expert dentist in all phases of dentistry. We have been coming to the office for 20 years. Dr. Mendoza, April & Norma are professional, kind and caring people who make you feel awesome each time you come to the office. Whatever you are having done they get you through it in the best way and you have fun being with them to boot! Kim is a wonderful addition to the family!

Ann Marie G

I have been a patient of Dr. Mendoza for over 20 years and there is no finer dentist in my opinion. Not only is he highly regarded as an expert in cosmetic and restorative dentistry, Dr. Mendoza is just a great guy, warm and engaging and always willing to help.

The staff is great too! April and Norma have worked with Dr. Mendoza for years and are very knowledgeable. New dental hygienist, Kim is a great addition to the staff using ultrasonic equipment for cleaning that really makes the experience so much faster and pain free vs. traditional cleaning methods.

If you want a great dental experience I highly recommend Dr. Mendoza & staff.

Nancy F

Love my dentist. Gentle dental hygienist and very friendly staff. Highly recommend. They also have teeth whitening.

Natalie A

I love this place! Every one is so friendly and the interior is very relaxing. I am very satisfied with the service. The dental hygienist is very sweet, knowledgeable and patient considering my anxiety of going to the dentist. Dr. Mendoza is very professional and listened to my concerns. I highly recommend this practice.

Christina F

My family and I have been visiting Doctor Mendoza for over 25 years because they never stop going above and beyond. Friendly, thorough, professional, and a truly comfortable environment will ensure that we will continue go there. After having to have my wisdom teeth removed, later in life than most people ( from a facility not even affiliated with Dr. Mendoza), Dr. Mendoza called out of concern to check up on me a couple days later to see how I was doing and if everything went alright.
I have received much sincere thanks and appreciation from all of those whom I have referred to him. Let's face it, nobody likes going to the dentist; but I implore anyone who is looking for an outstanding dental office, call April and set up an appointment.

Will A

I have known Dr. Mendoza for over 15 years, and he is simply the best! What I appreciate the most is that he explains things thoroughly before, during, and after every procedure which helps put me at ease since I know exactly what is going on. He is very professional and ensures you are comfortable and not experiencing any pain. The staff is also warm and accommodating -- overall, a great team!

Roschelle B

I have been coming here for three years now and I and very happy with the service and care that I continually receive. I highly recommend him and his team of professionals.

Paula C

I've been going to Dr Mendoza for years now and wouldn't consider changing. Even though I've moved to Palm Springs it is still worth the drive here. Say Hi to April for me. She's wonderful!!

Marcus A

I have been going to Dr. Mendoza for about 6 years and he is the best dentist I have ever had. He keeps me on a schedule and is very knowledgeable. I had a lot of Dental work done a few years back and it really did not hurt at all. His staff is wonderful too.

Mark A

Had my first appointment today and everything was great!! Staff was amazing both the hygienist Kim and Rudy were extremely thorough in explaining what they'd be doing and the treatment plan as well as the kindness of Norma and April.

The atmosphere is extra relaxing!

Nicole D

Amazing!!!! Kim & Rudy were extremely patient and excellent in explaining the process and showed great concern. I will make my 2nd appointment today...

Brenda D

I had two appointments here- one for an exam/cleaning and the other for a filling/x-rays. I had a great experience each time. Dr. Mendoza takes a personal interest in his patients; He doesn't rush through the appointment and is very considerate (& funny!). I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for an honest dentist that does great work.

Dorene S

This is my second visit with Dr. Mendoza's office and I couldn't be happier. The staff is extremely welcoming and gentle with my teeth. Making an appointment is also super fast and easy. Best dentist and hygienists in town!

Melissa B

I visited Dr. Mendoza this morning and I am now a forever fan.
Dr. Mendoza explained every procedure that he was going to perform and told me that if I ever felt pain to hold up my left hand and he would stop immediately.

Long story short, even though I was in his treatment room for a long time (due to my own oral health mistakes) I don't have any pain after my treatment, and although I am far too old to be 'gung-ho' and do something stupid, I didn't miss any of my fantastic life at home with my wife and 2 relatively behaved canines.

Two thumbs up! for Dr. Rudy Mendoza

P.S. Norma and April and Lauren are fantastic too!

Spencer L

Dr Mendoza, April, Norma & all the staff are fantastic! Since I started coming here I've seen a dramatic improvement in my gum health. My son comes here too & this is the first dentist he's actually liked. The whole staff is very concerned with your well being. I wish I'd found Dr Mendoza 20 years ago!!

Lisa S

Great dentist! Dr. Mendoza is very experienced, professional, warm and attentive. Norma is delightful. Great staff!

Maria Z

I have a genetic condition and have required extensive dental for over 40 years. I have been seeing Dr. Mendoza for about 10 years now. His work is precise and professional and he works with the utmost care and quality. Equally important is that he and his staff are wonderful people. They treat you like a family member and will go out of their way to be flexible and accommodating. My husband recently needed to find a new dentist and came home after his first appointment with Dr. Mendoza with noting but praise for the doctor and his staff.

Josi J

I have been going to Dr. Mendoza for almost 20 years...and have moved throughout So Cal but have always returned to Rudy Mendoza. I live in Palm Springs and make my pilgrimage to see the team @ Dr. Mendoza's. They treat me like royalty! It must the 3 or 4 crowns that these guys!!

Kevin T

Today was my first appointment with Dr. Mendoza. He was very kind and gentle, explaining some trouble spots that I will need to watch. Norma is very friendly and nice to chat with, and Kim is sweet and a thorough hygienist. I'm glad to be able to get my teeth whitened in the office! I look forward to being a regular patient here. Thank you!

Chris H

Dr Mendoza is the best dentist I have ever had! He truly cares about his patients and it's as if he knows his them for years! His staff, receptionsits, hygienists etc are all very helpful and extra accommodating to their patients. I found him through my insurance who recommended him because he was close to my area. In the past I would go to Fullerton or Orange for mediocre dentists however, Dr. Mendoza is the cream of the crop. I have gotten cleanings, deep cleanings, root canals, teeth whitening and night guards from him and everything has been GREAT!! Thanks Dr. Mendoza!

Erica Q

I have been a patient of Dr Rudy Mendoza forever 25 years. I originally met him on 1-800 dentist and had no idea what I would be in for. He is a true artist and cares for his patients. I had some very major gum disease issues which through his guidance have since been healed. In addition, his cosmetic dentistry has been outstanding! At a party I had a cosmetic dentist comment on how natural my teeth look and he thought that I had no work done. Go DR. Mendoza!

Steve B

I was looking for a new dentist and looking up dentists on my insurance website at random. I decided to try out Dr. Mendoza's practice and from the first phone call they have been nothing but helpful. Dr. Mendoza was friendly and thorough and both he and his support staff answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable. Also their teeth whitening service is only $50 which is a plus!

Elizabeth B

I just started going to Dr. Mendoza's office after a (too long) break between dentists. My initial impressions are great. The office offers a pleasant, calming environment, but more importantly all of the people I've seen and talked to so far have been really nice. They genuinely seem to care about the dental well being of their patients. I look forward to seeing Dr. Mendoza and his staff for the foreseeable future.

Ann H

This is literally the best dentist I've ever been to and I'm very picky. Dr. Mendoza has given me several fillings and I have been totally satisfied with his work. The hygienists have also done great work for me. They go to great lengths to make sure you're comfortable (asking if you want to adjust the AC, giving you an ipod with headphones to listen to Pandora, and all the rooms look out onto their Japanese style garden!) and they are always honest and friendly with you which is super important to me. This team has restored my faith in dentistry!

Adrian T

I've been seeing Dr Mendoza for over 10 years and I cannot say enough great things about him and the amazing staff! From dental emergencies to cleanings to dental devices I always feel extremely well taken care of. The entire Staff is friendly, professional, thorough, and caring. Also, the office is serene and beautiful, and making appointments is a breeze. By far the best dentist I have ever seen!

Todd Z

I just started going to Dr. Mendoza's office after a (too long) break between dentists. My initial impressions are great. The office offers a pleasant, calming environment, but more importantly all of the people I've seen and talked to so far have been really nice. They genuinely seem to care about the dental well being of their patients. I look forward to seeing Dr. Mendoza and his staff for the foreseeable future.

Ann H

I haven't been to the dentist in a very lonnnng time. Now that I have benefits through my job, I have been on a search of a new dentist and came across Dr. Mendoza's office. I had my first appointment for an exam on my wisdom teeth and the service was beyond excellent! April and Lauren are so sweet and very welcoming. Norma is great as well and so helpful. Dr. Mendoza made me feel very welcomed as a first timer and answered all of my questions and concerns. I also love the atmosphere of the office. It's so zen and relaxing and makes you forget you're at the dentist. I also love the zen garden -- a nice touch of detail! I'm so happy I found a great new home for my teeth!

Taelor P

This is literally the best dentist I've ever been to and I'm very picky. Dr. Mendoza has given me several fillings and I have been totally satisfied with his work. The hygienists have also done great work for me. They go to great lengths to make sure you're comfortable (asking if you want to adjust the AC, giving you an ipod with headphones to listen to Pandora, and all the rooms look out onto their Japanese style garden!) and they are always honest and friendly with you which is super important to me. This team has restored my faith in dentistry!

Adrian T

Hands down the BEST dental office around! I chose Dr. Mendoza to be my new dentist this year after neglecting my oral hygiene for far too long. From my very first visit when I knew I had to have a root canal to my most recent visit for a cleaning, I have felt well cared for by Dr. Mendoza and his team every time I walk through their door.

I never thought it would be possible to look forward to my next dental appointment, but now I do! Dr. Mendoza has a great personality, and I've done more laughing and joking with him than wincing or feeling scared while in his chair. Norma is awesome--so caring and professional. Shout out to Corina for scraping three years of plaque off my teeth and tolerating my endless questions about dental health. April at the front desk is a gem. The whole team feel like my newest friends. If you're wavering about which dentist to choose, you'll thank yourself for choosing Dr. Mendoza.

Andrea D

My two greatest concerns whenever I move to a new city are finding a new barber and finding a new dentist. it took me a while to find a barber that i like here. however, when it came to finding a new dentist in Long Beach I got it right on the first try. The staff at Dr. Mendoza's office are all wonderful. they were more than helpful with any questions that i have had in my encounters with them and have been completely transparent with me. which i can appreciate. the environment is super relaxing and if I could stay on the couch in the waiting room all day, i probably would (it's that comfortable).

James H

Dr Mendoza is the best , I have severe anxiety and been avoiding a tooth extraction for to long , went in today with a lot of pain , him and his team made it the best possible experience , peaceful environment , quick procedure. He even texted to check up on me later on , defiantly recommend! Thanks!

Fred F

Over many decades, many places, have experienced many dentists. Dr. Mendoza and team excel. Waiting room is perfect for meditation.

Sea O

Dr. Mendoza is amazing. His entire staff makes you feel at home, and he truly cares about his patients. He has seen me after hours last minute when I was freaking myself out over a possible infection. He made sure I had all my questions answered, and was always there for any other inquiries I had! His office worked with me financially and allowed me to break the work I needed up so I could afford it. I felt NO PAIN at all when getting my work done. 100% would recommend! Have another appointment next month, and don't even have the "white coat syndrome" like I used to.

Lindsay G

I had such an AMAZING first time experience at Dr. Mendoza's practice. First impressions were inviting & calming. Each one of his staff members were so personable & I could really tell the loved working there. Dr. Mendoza made me so feel comfortable & made sure all my questions were answers. I'm so excited for my next visit.

Rachel C

Great staff!! Decent cleaning. Thank goodness there is parking behind the office cause street parking in the area is a pain. I would recommend them to a friend.

Sara V

Dr Mendoza is truly a caring gentle dentist. I have been with him for the past several years, prior to that I have had some horrific experiences . I most recently had a root canal and it was painless. Yes people no pain. I have never heard of a root canal without pain. He is fantastic and would recommend him and his wonderful team.

Mari L

I'm always deathly afraid of going to the dentist but Dr Mendoza and his staff always make me feel at ease. I never knew that a root canal could be so easy breezy, not enjoyable by all means, but still easy breezy. I've been going to him for years and his jokes get better with time!

C Lee

Haven't been to the dentist in a while and decided to get my teeth checked. There were a lot of options in LB near my apt but i decided on Dr. Mendoza's office because something about just felt right. Im glad i did because it was one of the most laid back dental exeriences ive ever had. Everyone here made me feel very relaxed. I unfortunately had a cavity and Dr. Mendoza fixed it right up. It was totally painless and expertly done. Thanks again for the great service!

Billy K

Dentist Rudy Mendoza is the best dentist you'll meet. Very kind and helpful with questions. You can tell he really cares about his clients. His staff are also very kind and gentle. Glad I found a great dentist close by too.

And the calming zen rock garden views also help!

Robert J

I have been a patient of Dr. Mendoza and team for many years. First thing I'd say is Doc has made going to the dentist something I used to dread to something I feel good about. For dental problems small and large, Doc shoots straight, doesn't "oversell" you, and the work he does is first class.....if something is not just right, he takes care to make it so. Doc and team make you feel like family. I have recommended many friends over the years, and they have all been pleased!

Johnny C

First time patient. Dr. Mendoza is so friendly and welcoming! I was lucky to get an appointment with him and get a cleaning the same day. Definitely was very nervous to come in, but the staff and Dr. Mendoza made all my nerves go away.

Brittney C

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